Game 7 Is Not My Favorite Thing

April 22, 2008

If the Flyers are as tense as I am, there’s not much hope for them tonight. But I don’t think they are. They’re alive and kicking and ready to play tonight. I have to convince myself of this. It may require bourbon.

Why will the Flyers win tonight? Fast start. Kill the energy of the Johnny-come-lately red-clad fans and infect the Caps with the same frustration they felt in games 2 and 3.

Jeff Carter and Mike Richards will be animals. Danny Briere will take the huge fire that burns in that tiny body and score two or more. Being on the road will work to the Flyers advantage. Them against the world.

Does any of this make any sense? No of course not. But as FlySkippy said on today, “We are fans of the team, not of the record.” So there’s really no choice for Flyers fans but to strap in and get ready for the roller-coaster ride.


The Will to Compete

April 21, 2008

An Olympian who makes you forget demonstrators.

Bizarro Universe

April 20, 2008

How does deadly force on an Olympic torch relay possibly fit in with the spirit of the games? How does it possibly enhance China’s international image, which is the whole purpose of its hosting the games in the first place. Somewhere, are there cooler heads in China to prevail? Somewhere, is there someone in China who understands the loss of face that would accompany deadly force being used on protesters at an Olympic-related event?

Oh, and by the way President Bush, the Olympics aren’t in the United States this year, weren’t in the last summer cycle, and won’t be in the next summer cycle. So there’s no legitimate reason for you to be at the opening ceremonies in the first place. Attending under the circumstances of China’s current deafness to any international dissatisfaction with its actions in Sudan or Tibet is against U.S. interests. Why not skip the Beijing Olympics and show in one last little action that you actually ever cared about those.

MSG Doesn’t Understand the Message

April 19, 2008

Excuse me if there’s an obvious answer, but what in the world does Isaiah Thomas do well enough that a company (especially one with the internal, on-court, and PR troubles of MSG) would pay him money to consult? It isn’t coaching, or player personnel, or anything GM-related, and certainly he isn’t going to be working with Employee Relations.

MSG shows its utter cluelessness almost daily.

Games 3 & 4–The Crowd Experience

April 18, 2008

So we’ve seen what the Washington media and owner thinks of our little Flyers Caps series, but what is it like to be there? Oh my little kittens, you have no idea!

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Overtime Hodgepodge

April 18, 2008

I don’t know if an owner should do this, but laugh with me at Ted Leonsis’s playoff diary. He is foolish enough to suggest his wife and daughter wouldn’t be safe in a luxury suite in the Wachovia Center. Unless he’s bringing along members of the great unwashed to sit in his box and throw back some brews, there’s really no risk there.

While Ted may be forgiven for being a bit on the clueless side, this guy is paid to write about hockey, so there’s no excuse for him. Is he the only person in the building who didn’t know that when a penalty is called and the crowd chants “asshole,” the object of their ire is the official? Someone should strip him of his apparently ill-gotten media credential. I do realize that Caps fans are new to the excitement of playoff hockey, but for a sportswriter to make this kind of error? Of course, he’s probably more a PR person than a sports person.

This comes just a day after Mike Wise in the Washington Post embarrassed himself crossing from basketball to hockey and showing his complete lack of understanding of the game. The incitement is obvious, but his attempts to play the whole thing off as meant to be funny shows either desperation (I don’t want to look foolish so I’ll pretend I was trying to be funny) or a complete lack of ability (because it isn’t funny, even if you’re a Caps fan).

Playoff Beards Pending

April 10, 2008

One of my favorite things about the post season in the NHL is playoff beards. Everything from a few stray hairs here and there on the young ‘uns to full blown mountain man beards on old heads. The Flyers haven’t been great on the beard front in recent playoff years. I’m hoping this year that trend will be reversed. Playoff beards are good luck! Or at least good fun.

Best of all, this year I’ve discovered a site devoted to playoff beards. Watch along with us!

Bad Reffing on the Way

April 6, 2008

Apparently, Michel Therien had trouble with the officiating in the Pens game with the Flyers on Wednesday. That’s rich. Unless he was complaining about his own player not being called for butt-ending Scott Hartnell in the face and exploding his nose with no call, I can’t see where he’s coming from.

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NHL Finally Gets What It Wants

April 6, 2008

The NHL really wanted tight playoff races. It wanted every game to count. But it couldn’t have dreamed of a scenario like the one it had this year, with races for a number of playoff spots not decided until the last week of the season, and in the case of the Southeast Division, the last game of the season. Read the rest of this entry »

ESPN Radio

April 1, 2008

With the sister in from Cali for Easter I’ve been a bit out of the loop. Add on the cold from hell (my head hurt so bad last night I considered the ER–really) and I’m just getting the cobwebs out.

Happily, the cobwebs are coming unwebbed to the mellifluous tones of Michael Missanelli’s return to local radio. They may call it 950ESPN now, but really, from 9-1 its local Jody Mac and from 3-7 its local Mike Missanelli.

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