I’m Gumby Damn It!

July 23, 2008

I haven’t been impressed so far with what Rick Reilly brings to ESPN’s events. He seems uncomfortable on camera, disjointed in his presentation, and really lacking in insight. But I used to enjoy his work in Sports Illustrated back in the day, so I expected to feel the same way about his work on ESPN.com. On the contrary. His newest column is the second one so far that had me submitting a comment form critical of his efforts.

This one is about being mistaken for other people, which can be embarrassing, I know. However, I think the issue for Rick is that he wants desperately to be recognized, and then is disappointed to realize that he isn’t really important, famous, or popular enough to be recognized. I’d suggest that if you are paid to go to the U.S. Open, a golf tournament at Lake Tahoe, and on the “Today Show,” you probably are living a pretty charmed life. If being mistaken for Mitch Albom, Rick Rhoden, or the oven guy is the cost, it doesn’t seem to me it would be too high a price to pay.


Someone Has Bret Favre Pegged

July 13, 2008

If I didn’t know she’s unlikely to become a full-time sports blogger, I’d be afraid to send you to this post on Bret Favre at “Things What Things.” Don’t miss the comments, either. The whole thing is priceless.

I think Bret reminds me a lot of a slightly less damaged Peter Forsberg. Will he or won’t he? It doesn’t even matter to him (Peter or Bret) as long as it matters enough to garner headlines and endless commentary by gasbags.

This NHL Free Agent Season Not Really Wild

July 3, 2008

Minnesota Wild GM Doug Riseborough gave a succinct and illustrative look into how an organization views and prepares for free agency. The undersupply of his so-called “Elite” and “Top” players versus the demand makes so much sense, first, for how really boring and lacking in apparent impact this year’s free agency has been. But probably more importantly it can explain why free agent defensemen this week–both restricted and unrestricted–became incredibly overpaid versus their counterparts.