Bad Reffing on the Way

Apparently, Michel Therien had trouble with the officiating in the Pens game with the Flyers on Wednesday. That’s rich. Unless he was complaining about his own player not being called for butt-ending Scott Hartnell in the face and exploding his nose with no call, I can’t see where he’s coming from.

It does make it easy to see why Sidney Crosby is quickly going from being a superstar to being a most hated player south of the border. His coach must be teaching him to spend the game lawyering with that sour granny expression on his face, rather than letting him just play hockey.

They really needn’t bother, though. Everyone who has eyes can see that the Pens will have 10 men on the ice to the opponents 6. The NHL wet dream of Sidney holding the Cup, whether he is given the chance to earn it by his play or not, is enough guarantee for Therien that he’ll get his wish of a don’t breathe on Cindy (oops, Sidney–I keep doing that!) playoffs.

I just hope the Flyers win today. Then they’ll play the first round against the true NHL superstar in the first round. If the Caps move through the playoffs, it will be because Ovechkin plays his heart out. We won’t have to worry about him losing any games to laryngitis from arguing with the refs.


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