Why I’m Rooting for the Blackhawks

April 30, 2009

Now that the hometown Flyers are eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, what keeps me watching? Well, I think I’d watch no matter who was playing. I just love hockey that much. But I’m watching with added excitement this year because I still have a rooting interest. For whom? For the Chicago Blackhawks.

Why? Well that’s easy to answer.

First, I’m from Illinois. Then, it’s the crest on the sweater. The renaissance of a once moribund franchise. It is the determination and execution of a plan by a man who had years to stew about what should be done and finally got to do it (he’s my favorite Rocky!). It’s the long-suffering fans who were desperate for a reason to keep supporting their team and when they finally got an owner who cared about them and cared about winning they came back with open hearts and embraced the team that finally was there to embrace them in return. It’s the young players–Kane, Toews, Byfuglien–and the old ones–Havlat, Khabi–and the in between–Sharpie, who couldn’t be more likeable and turned out to be a heck of a player, Mr. Hitchcock.

So starting tonight it’s yet another chapter in the remarkable rebirth of a legendary hockey franchise. GO HAWKS!



December 14, 2002

Theoren Fleury is back at work in the NHL. It is the second time Theo has come back from an absence due to substance abuse. The initial time away was after he voluntarily entered the NHL’s substance abuse program and rehab when, in spite of on-ice success, his life spun out of control. This time, he didn’t wait for a test to tell his employers he’d relapsed. He again asked for help. And some people still are having trouble understanding how the NHL can allow this man to play in the league. How can his team mates accept him back in their midst after his irresponsible behavior? How can the Blackhawks continue to employ him? Read the rest of this entry »

Sports As Business

October 27, 2002

I’m really tired of guys who are talking about the financial decisions of a team (either pro or con) saying “they’re running it like a business.” Of course they are, lemonhead, it IS a business. but a well-run business knows what its capital is worth. and it is willing to spend for value. and it realizes that you can’t make money without spending money.


The Chicago Blackhawks are run like a business–a very very BAD business. And the Colorado Avalanche are run like a business–a really GOOD business.