Flyers Get So Much Right

March 28, 2008

Tonight the Flyers held their second session (the first was last Thursday) of a Season Ticket Holder special event. A fairly small group of fans (I’m not good at these estimates, but I’d be surprised if it were as many as 200), who’d reserved their spots with customer services, was welcomed to dinner (split between the Cadillac Grill and the Lexus Club) and to a series of four question and answer opportunities, with:

  • GM Paul Holmgren,
  • Director of Hockey Operations Chris Pryor and Director of Scouting Don Luce,
  • Customer Service Senior Director Cindy Stutman and Senior Manager Melissa Keeler, and
  • President Peter Luukko and Senior Vice President, Operations Shawn Kilger

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Is Porsche Spelled S-T-U-P-I-D?

March 25, 2008

Although this isn’t technically about sports, since my musings started in the Wachovia Center parking lot on the way out of a game, I’m going to slide it in.

So I’m walking to the subway after the Flyers victory Sunday night and pass in front of a guy driving out in his Porsche SUV. HUH? What in the world does Porsche–fast, performance, sexy Porsche–have to do with SUVs?

Then this morning I get out of a cab in front of my office and pass a Porsche station wagon. A really ugly grey monstrosity of a Porsche station wagon.

Honestly, if you have the money to buy a Porsche, why aren’t you in a little red two-door convertible coupe? Because these big dumpy Porsches aren’t giving you the bang for your buck. You’re junk does NOT look bigger in the Porsche SUV or station wagon. You don’t look sexy, or cool, or even rich. You just look stupid.

My Better

March 22, 2008

I love this ad:

My favorites? The women (except quickie mcquick quick, which is the only lame one). Adore “I got strong all day,” especially her tone of voice.

The 60 second one is completely different, but you see the participants at work. And it’s great to see the kids emulating the athletes.

When it comes to advertising, Nike just does it.

(Links added instead of embedded images when Nike had You Tube pull the ads. These links are to the Nike Biz site.)

Minute by Minute (Part Thursday Afternoon)

March 20, 2008


I’ve discovered that if you blog you can’t watch and if you watch you can’t blog. This is the first and last running commentary! 

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The First Shoe?

March 19, 2008

Last week, the Flyers sent out season ticket packages for the 2008-09 season. There was a price increase, not that unusual, although with a salary cap and a still not quite competitive team, while the economy moves into recession, it may be a harder sell than they expect.

But the big surprise, and a very unpleasant one, was that they are moving the entire first row of fans, many of whom have had those seats since the beginning of Flyers history, to create a premium seating row with a much higher price than the lower bowl and built in (without a choice offered) concession value.

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Rooting for a Merciful End

March 17, 2008

Looking at this it’s becoming more and more likely the freefalling Philadelphia Flyers will be spending April on vacation, not in the playoffs. And I have to admit, I’d rather not spend good money to see this ragtag mess get dominated in the first round.

Of course, my feelings about the play of the team aren’t being assuaged by the actions of the front office. Awaiting me in the mailbox yesterday was the season ticket brochure for 2008-09. I guess now we know why they announced the price increase so early. They want a down payment on next year by April 15. This isn’t exactly good timing. They might have better luck waiting until the bad taste is out of season ticket holders’ mouths from this disastrous second half before they ask for a deposit on next year.

Let’s see.

Bad collapse at end of season. Check.

Moving long-time season ticket holders, some charter season ticket holders, out of the first row to cash in. Check.

Asking season ticket holders to put a deposit on seats before the playoff refunds can be processed. Check.

What a way to celebrate spring.

No 3 Pointer!

March 9, 2008

No, this is not a post about basketball (wait a couple of weeks for that). With the Philadelphia Flyers in eighth place in the NHL Eastern Conference, just one point behind the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers, the last thing a Flyers fan wants is a 3-point game at Madison Square Garden today. So here we are, with 5:50 left in the third period, and what do we have? A 0-0 game. It doesn’t matter which team scores, just please, one of you (and only one of you) score before regulation ends!