ESPN Radio

With the sister in from Cali for Easter I’ve been a bit out of the loop. Add on the cold from hell (my head hurt so bad last night I considered the ER–really) and I’m just getting the cobwebs out.

Happily, the cobwebs are coming unwebbed to the mellifluous tones of Michael Missanelli’s return to local radio. They may call it 950ESPN now, but really, from 9-1 its local Jody Mac and from 3-7 its local Mike Missanelli.

Jody’s been back for more than a year now, and it was nice to share afternoon drive time with him, even if I was working when listening. The move to morning-ish is a bit problemmatic with the change in programming across the dial at WIP, where my friend Glen Macnow has been moved back to days with the insufferable Anthony Gargano. But Glen is as good as it gets, and when last paired with Gargano, Glen managed to temper Anthony’s more annoying tendencies. So I’m thinking 9-12 will be Jody and 12-3 will be Glen.

But for 3-7? No question I’ll be tuning in for Missanelli. He sounds genuinely happy to be back. It’s hard to tell how this will go long term, because today is overloaded with the old caller gang welcoming him home. However, I have every confidence Mike can be as biting and ascerbic as ever with a bit more even temper. We’ll see. In any case, there’s a lot more good sports talk during the day, and a real dead zone after 7 in Philadelphia.


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