Bizarro Universe

April 20, 2008

How does deadly force on an Olympic torch relay possibly fit in with the spirit of the games? How does it possibly enhance China’s international image, which is the whole purpose of its hosting the games in the first place. Somewhere, are there cooler heads in China to prevail? Somewhere, is there someone in China who understands the loss of face that would accompany deadly force being used on protesters at an Olympic-related event?

Oh, and by the way President Bush, the Olympics aren’t in the United States this year, weren’t in the last summer cycle, and won’t be in the next summer cycle. So there’s no legitimate reason for you to be at the opening ceremonies in the first place. Attending under the circumstances of China’s current deafness to any international dissatisfaction with its actions in Sudan or Tibet is against U.S. interests. Why not skip the Beijing Olympics and show in one last little action that you actually ever cared about those.