My Better

I love this ad:

My favorites? The women (except quickie mcquick quick, which is the only lame one). Adore “I got strong all day,” especially her tone of voice.

The 60 second one is completely different, but you see the participants at work. And it’s great to see the kids emulating the athletes.

When it comes to advertising, Nike just does it.

(Links added instead of embedded images when Nike had You Tube pull the ads. These links are to the Nike Biz site.)


3 Responses to My Better

  1. jd1220 says:

    It’s weird to hear Saul Williams in a commercial for a company like Nike.

  2. sportsdiva says:

    I see where you’re coming from. But he seems to be more against artists being used by large corporations to make money for themselves at the expense of the artist. He wants the artist getting the bulk of the return. In the case of Nike paying for the use, the artist is getting all of the return on his work, no?

  3. jd1220 says:

    Well, yes, but it’s not just about the money going to Williams. Today someone sees a blog post or reads lyrics by him that condemn corporations who exploit their workers, tomorrow he’s singing in Nike ads. Or worse, they see the Nike ad and never hear the anti-exploitation song.

    We get mad at politicians when their checks come from places we don’t like. I know that the difference between the revenue streams of politicians and musicians/poets is such that we can often overlook an artists’ decision just get paid when they’ve spent so long struggling. I’m just saying “the company you keep” extends to the companies that keep you on their payroll.

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