Minute by Minute (Part Thursday Afternoon)


I’ve discovered that if you blog you can’t watch and if you watch you can’t blog. This is the first and last running commentary! 


Fortunately CBS has figured out that unless you live in P’burgh or are a mouthy Bob, you want to be watching the competitive game.

But as play by play asked color analyst “How can Cornell beat Stanford?” just answer, they don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell. 


I guess the Big East connection is why we’re stuck with this Oral Roberts v Pitt matchup. Could ORU be said to be held speechless?

I’d like to see what’s up with my brothers’ alma mater. So it’s a perfect time for a live look in! Ooops. No. We are looking it at Kentucky bringing it on against Marquette. 


What’s with all the Golden Eagles and religious schools. Let’s have a little separation of church and state here. I’m sure missing the first half of this Pitt ORU game has to change my national symbol trumps all idea. Those Panthers know losing is for the birds. 


Golden Eagles and Wildcats. Come on, it’s easy. Pick the national symbol or Ann Coulter will be calling you a traitor.

Repairman number two (dryer) is about to interrupt this second series of games.  


Oy that Temple performance was bad. But at least the A10 team that was supposed to win showed great character in coming back over Georgia. Good work Xavier.


Thank you CBS for that perfectly timed live look at Xavier shooting Georgia Bulldogs. The ebb and flow of a basketball game seems almost mystical sometimes. How is it possible to be down so far and then go on one of those runs that brings you back to the lead? Who knows, but it sure is fun (when you aren’t the runnee). 


It isn’t that I’ve given up, although it may be time to give up on Temple. But the first of two scheduled repairmen just fixed my self-cleaning oven, which has needed to self clean sicne Thanksgiving. It takes national holidays that aren’t official, like the NCAA tourney, to get me home while services are available. 


Why is it the best hockey commercials are for products like Gatorade and not for the game? Do you suppose the NHL league office, NBC, and Versus are going with the lowest bidder when hiring an ad agency? (I don’t think Carmina Burana can be overused.)


I’m afraid I didn’t pay attention. The Owls are playing in the morning. Spartans can apparently kick Owls butts when they are sleeping.

And is Christmas just not able to deliver at Easter?


Usually in a 12-5 matchup, the difference in bench depth isn’t quite as big a deal as it is in the wider spreads (it’s the main reason a 14 or 15 can hang around and put a scare into a 2 or 3 until the half, but fades badly in the second half). But it has been pointed out that Michigan State is playing 10 guys and Temple only 7. That may be deadly for the Owls. 


Kansas is already running away from Portland. And I’m really thinking Jayhawks would take out Pilots, who’d be unarmed and unused to any but seabirds.

It stinks to be at a regional with a 1-16 playing when you aren’t a fan of the 1.

12:35 pm

My (yes, I’m a proud Temple MBA) Owls could, I think, take the Spartans. Owls are tough to hit with arrows and spears and they’re pretty scary and feisty in their night attack abilities, especially against a superstitious foe, who would see them as working for Athena, goddess of victory.

12:33 pm

I will be keeping track, as much as possible, of the most popular bracket strategy for the nonbasketball guru–mascot v mascot. Using that, the first game, between Xavier and Georgia should go to the Musketeers, who clearly can just shoot the Bulldogs. (Note: I will also provide occasional commentary on cuter coach.)

12:26 pm

Xavier gets the first chance to show how strong the Atlantic 10 really is. But isn’t the scheduling of Xavier and Temple in the same window just another sign of how little respect the conference is given? Still, with three teams in I shouldn’t be complaining. 

12:20 pm

The first commercial break introduces me to the High Life Housekeeping guys. Where was this during the Super Bowl? It’s better than any of those sorry ads. “For $13 I’ll BE a macadamia nut.”

12:13 pm

This will be one of the ubiquitous running commentaries you get this time of year. It isn’t March Mayhem to me (except when Valpo used Pacer to move on in Bryce Drew’s senior year). This is March Madness. It is no Road to the Final Four, because the best stories usually involve teams that have no expectations of making the final weekend.

The broadcast begins with Clark Kellogg’s homage to Johnny Cochrane. If it does not rhyme (apparently), it’s a crime.

If you want to know more about Michael Beasley you can’t do better than Dana Pennett’s ESPN column.


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