The Dawn of a New Line

December 18, 2010

About 2 minutes into today’s Flyers vs. Rangers game, late on its first shift, the Carter/Zherdev/van Riemsdyk line came dashing from the Flyers zone into offensive territory with scary speed. Just three games (I think) together and they are already proving to be effective.

Fans and media are always looking for catchy names for lines. It hit me right then that there is no better one for this line than “The High Speed Line.” It has the advantage of being the name of the New Jersey Transit line that brings so many Flyers fans into Philadelphia for the games.

Since I know it is often hard to determine just where a moniker came from, I want you to know, when you look back on this with fondness, that The High Speed Line was coined right there in seat 103-4-4 at the Vault on December 18, 2010, by me, The Sports Diva.


The Wrestler

January 9, 2009

I just saw “The Wrestler” after having it recommended to me by a critic friend I trust and after seeing the impressive trailer and I’m not sure whether I liked it or not. The theater was full so I couldn’t move away from the 12-year-old guy disguised as a late-20s adult on a date. I knew during the trailers he was bad news because he did that stupid adolescent giggling at the romantic scenes, giggling at the gay movie, giggling at the emotion scenes in the trailers. I wanted to do the perfect escape move and disable his gonads for the rest of his worthless life.

Also, if you are a guy with less than a 2-hour bladder. Don’t go to the movies. Wait until you find it on cable.

But other than that it was $9 well spent. I was impressed with Mickey Rourke. Disturbed by Marissa Tomei. And not nearly impressed by Evan Rachel Wood’s character (although I think I believed the actress) as everyone I’ve read.

I think I suffer from the unrealistic expectations. Everyone seems to think this is the best sports movie EVER. But I don’t see it as a sports movie. Never will it be more clear to you that wrestling isn’t a sport. And in order to explain the parts that don’t ring true to me on the personal front, I’d have to spoil, which I don’t want to do.

So, I can’t recommend it. But I wouldn’t try to discourage you if you feel compelled. Maybe you’ll be lucky and sit next to a grown up. Then the experience may be a whole different thing.


October 29, 2008

It isn’t quite what it would have been if they’d done it when I was attending every single Phillies home game, like maybe 1993. Oh if they’d won the World Series that year I’d have ended up in intensive care.

But here I am, in my frigid living room (kept cold so I could share in the atmosphere of the Cit without having to shell out $900 for the right to stand there) drinking a flute of asti spumante. Yes, there have been cheers, whoops, shouts, curling up in a ball of anxiety, and tears of pure joy.

A View of College Sports

May 10, 2008

Dwight Jaynes has some interesting thoughts about athletes and academic progress.

Most college athletes are really there for the education. The ones who aren’t think they’re in the minor leagues for football, baseball, and basketball.

I know a guy who wanted to go to college in Idaho so he’d be playing hockey closer to his parents in Alaska. They told him to go to the best school he could, because he may not have a future in hockey, but a degree from a good school would give him a future outside of it. I always respected their attitude. He’s still chasing his hockey dream (now in the AHL playoffs) but knows that when hockey is over for him, he has a degree from Notre Dame to fall back on.

It’s really too bad U.S. colleges and universities have co-opted their educational purpose for the promotion of the cash cow sports. And it would be nice if the NCAA’s response to questions about this didn’t involve resorting to circling the wagons and planting heads firmly in the sand.

Is Porsche Spelled S-T-U-P-I-D?

March 25, 2008

Although this isn’t technically about sports, since my musings started in the Wachovia Center parking lot on the way out of a game, I’m going to slide it in.

So I’m walking to the subway after the Flyers victory Sunday night and pass in front of a guy driving out in his Porsche SUV. HUH? What in the world does Porsche–fast, performance, sexy Porsche–have to do with SUVs?

Then this morning I get out of a cab in front of my office and pass a Porsche station wagon. A really ugly grey monstrosity of a Porsche station wagon.

Honestly, if you have the money to buy a Porsche, why aren’t you in a little red two-door convertible coupe? Because these big dumpy Porsches aren’t giving you the bang for your buck. You’re junk does NOT look bigger in the Porsche SUV or station wagon. You don’t look sexy, or cool, or even rich. You just look stupid.

Hello world!

January 27, 2008

Welcome to The bad news is, we’ve had a couple of weeks of technical difficulties at the old address. So we’re in the process of moving the archive and getting set up.

 But the good news is we’ll be moving from a column-only format to a blog. I’ll comment on sports, sports broadcasting, and sportswriting and occasionally I’ll write the full blown columns you’ve come to know and love. This should mean there’ll be new content up more regularly. To keep you (and me) all happy!


January 26, 2002

It is my most vivid childhood memory. I’m five years old. I am wearing a white cotton blouse with an eyelet ruffled neckline and turquoise and white polka dot skort. A little sprite sitting on the back of a big pale yellow hog behind a god. My braids flying behind me in the wind. My arms wrapped tight around my uncle Windy. Read the rest of this entry »