Last Minute Tickets a Bargain

Even when I still had Phillies Season Tickets, the purchase of post-season seats included minor annoyances. I’ll never understand charging season ticket holders a fee for buying their season tickets, or for buying post-season tickets. Incorporate the cost of doing business in the ticket, for heaven’s sake.

But now that I have not even a Six-Pack plan, I had decided that the post-season was out of reach. I’d seen the ticket prices on Stub Hub and knew I couldn’t afford to go.

Today, I was jonesing big time for tickets for tonight’s game between the Phillies and the Dodgers. A post season without me? I couldn’t imagine it. But I went to Stub Hub again, to remind myself that the tickets were beyond me. What did I see but a set of three tickets behind the plate in the Hall of Fame Club at an unbelievably low price. I called the agency, asked them if the seller would consider selling a single (leaving them with a very easy-to-sell pair). They called the seller. He said yes. And I’m going to the Phillies game tonight.

Now I feel a little bad for the seller, because I think he underpriced his seats, thinking it would be too hard to sell the three. And I wonder, looking at a few of the very few tickets left for sale, if it is a function of not quite getting how the site works.

If you have a three tickets, it’s always smart to offer to sell either a single or the three together. If you sell the single, the site automatically resets to sell the pair. I know from experience that finding a single on a ticket site can be hard. And I know it is easier to sell a pair than to sell three. If you set up to sell 3 or 1, you’re increasing the possibility you’ll sell the tickets. For example, today, after I bought the single, the pair sold within a few minutes.

In any case, I’m glad the guy didn’t understand this. Because I was able to afford to go tonight, and I’m paying less for a premium seat than I would have for available nosebleeds or outfield seats.

Another thing struck me after I paid for the ticket. I’d been thinking that not being a season ticket holder meant I spent way too much for a playoff ticket. But then I thought, no, if I were a season ticket holder there would have been plenty of games I would have missed. I went to the games I wanted to go to and will go tonight for significantly less money than I would have to spend on a full season. I’ve decided paying up for the playoffs and going to only a handful of regular season games is the way to go. And next year (or maybe in two weeks or so) I won’t feel guilty about the price of the post season


One Response to Last Minute Tickets a Bargain

  1. John says:

    Sounds like a good plan…and the seller definitely underpriced the tickets

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