O-ver-RA-ted? Not Exactly

My oldest sister pronounced Tiger Woods overrated on Friday. Do you suppose by now she’s realized how absolutely clueless that was? Even before he hobbled around to win the 2008 U.S. Open for his 14th major championship this weekend, that was a pretty darned stupid thing to say. Is he perhaps overexposed? Yes. Can the constant “Tiger Tiger Tiger” of the announcers get a bit tiresome on occasion? Sure it can. But is there any doubt that this man is head and shoulders above the competition? Not on your life.

Yes, Rocco Mediate, bless his heart, battled valiantly. But Tiger Woods really is the most mentally tough guy out there on the golf course. And Tiger was not going to let go of major number 14. Just would not let it go. It may be fun to see him run away with a tournament (at least, I think so), but how much more fun to see another competitor compete. Not fade, not fizzle, not be intimidated in the least, fight until the last gasp, and still have Tiger come out on top.

By the way, if U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger wants to add some dogged determination tied up in a package with the level of sheer joy of competing that the U.S. Ryder Cup team could desperately use, it shouldn’t take more points for Mediate to assure his spot. Even if he has to be a captain’s pick (but as of right now, he’d be automatic) he should be going to Valhalla in September. Looseness is something in which the Americans have been sorely lacking. Combine Rocco’s chatty, glad to be here personality with his ability to grind and you have a perfect addition to the team.


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