3.7 Seconds

What a night. To get so far in a game, having 1 goal hold up. Seeing Mike Richards go down with an injury and having the building go so quiet you’d have thought the pope had died. Not long after to have little Scottie Upshall shout “Give me those Richards minutes” with a crushing body check. And then, in the last minute, with the crowd going absolutely wild supporting the effort and finally ending this damned losing….but oh no Flyers fans. You must suffer more deeply. Hockey sucks.


One Response to 3.7 Seconds

  1. Mark says:

    Being a long time flyers fan of 35 years I can say I have never seen such little heart and desire from a team as I have in the past two years. I spend top dollar for my tickets only to see a total of two wins all season on my package. I am getting disgusted with this and something MUST CHANGE!!!! I think it needs to start at the coaching staff and work its way down, Yes Stephen’s YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW!!!!

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