Bust Gate? And More

The day after Ron Hextall’s heartfelt speech and well-deserved ovations talk has been about the bust unveiled at the ceremony inducting Hexy into the Flyers Hall of Fame. The bust, clumsily manhandled by GM Paul Holmgren, was not the bust of Hextall. There apparently, in spite of all the time taken planning this event, was a problem with the Hextall bust.

But what hasn’t been mentioned is that the painting of Hextall that was presented to him and his family (and, in the form of a poster, given to each fan in attendance) clearly shows a blue-eyed Hexy. Hextall, for anyone who remembers seeing him play with a certain unrestrained ferocity, has brown eyes.

So that’s two of three presentations that went awry. We can only hope the watch given to Hextall’s wife Diane is what it appears, and not a cheap knockoff.


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