Tell Me

“The Phillies are three outs away from becoming National League East champions on this amazing run.”


Ok. Tell me you believed. Tell me that when Jimmie Rollins said the Phillies were “the team to beat” that you didn’t cringe, or smirk, or maybe even laugh out loud.


Tell me that when the Phillies free agent pitchers kept dropping like flies (or allowing big flies) that you didn’t start dreaming of Eagles or Flyers season.


Tell me that when Ryan Howard hit the disabled list, or when Chase Utley broke his hand, or when Cole Hamels elbow ached, that you said it was no problem. Tell me you thought the Phillies would be resilient. Tell me you didn’t think competitive was still the organizational buzzword for mediocrity.


Tell me that when the Phils were 4-11 that you thought Charlie Manuel would still be manager in September. Tell me no matter what you felt about his management of men that you didn’t pull your hair out with his management of the game.


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