Who are These Guys?

Watching the PGA Championship today, a thought struck me. Tiger may be in a slump, but where the heck are all of the other names?


With the announcers wondering at the poise of the contenders, I was wondering how poised they’d be if anyone with a recognizable name was within five strokes? Two guys who’ve never won a PGA tournament are battling each other for the PGA Championship. They concentrated on each other. And there was surely no intimidation factor.


This made for great golf by the way. Back and forth they went, with nary a charge or runaway attempt in sight. But sadly, it is unlikely to make for great ratings. Tuning in, even I, registered majors junkie, thought, “Ho hum.” But once I started watching, it was riveting. Sadly, someone not quite as addicted as I would likely have ho-hummed right on to the back yard with a Bud.


It isn’t like these guys are hackers getting lucky. It wasn’t just errors or slumps by the bigger named guys that put them in position for this mad Sunday afternoon March.


When Micheel hit his second shot at 18, he proved beyond doubt he was a deserving champion. His question to the CBS camera guy, “How close is it,” went unanswered. But the answer could have been, “Any closer and you’d already be dancing a jig.”


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