This Rose is a Weed

You know, it fades in time. And the fuzziness leads to complacency. But now it is back in the public eye. And it gets clearer and clearer every day. Bud, grow a pair and stand your ground. It may be the only time in my life I’ll say you’re right. Pete Rose is banned for life. So what if he wants in the Hall of Fame? 

Admit and then be admitted? 

So if someone whines long enough we just forget about it and let them off?

People view baseball without raised eyebrows because there is a death penalty (so to speak) for gambling ON YOUR OWN TEAM, which Rose did.  I don’t care what a majority of Americans think about Rose’s reinstatement, how many of the polled are even baseball fans? How many have read the Dowd report? Juries aren’t asked to vote on guilt or innocence without having to listen to the evidence. I’ve read, I am a fan, I don’t want him back in the game ever.  

I have no problem with him being elected to the hall of fame. Posthumously.


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